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                Set product development, production, grinding as one of the strong comprehensive capacity of the manufacturers

                With complete specifications, reasonable price, high quality quality, high quality after-sales service, by the domestic and foreign customers trust and favor

                Company News

                Be good at refinement and be brave in innovation

                Date:2020/9/16 15:11:37 Page View:4 Column:Company News

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                Business philosophy:

                Qite auto parts, win by quality, increase efficiency by quantity and win-win cooperation

                Quality policy:

                Pay attention to customers, pay attention to process, win trust by quality and increase efficiency by quantity

                Quality objectives:

                The qualified rate of finished products is 99.9%

                The qualified rate of the company's products is 100%

                Ensure that customer satisfaction reaches 95 points, and strive to increase by 1-2 points every year within three years.

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